Full Service Car Wash | Baltus Car Wash, Marshfield Wisconsin

Full Service Car Wash

Open Monday thru Saturday

Our full service car and light truck wash may consist of vacuuming floor mats, carpets, and seats, mat wash, windows cleaned, dash dusted, prewash, removal of ice and or bugs, undercarriage wash, soft chamois car wash, spot free rinse, air and hand towel drying, choice of air freshener smell, door locks air blown, and Auto Shield, an all weather finish brightener, applied at the end of the wash process.

Is your car low on fuel? Before your car is washed, you have the option of having the attendant fill your gas tank for you! We also offer a complete detail center that includes a hand polish.

Our managers inspect your car for cleanliness!


Exterior Express Lane


Exterior Wash
Air & Towel Dry



Full Service


Inside Vacuumed
Windows Cleaned
Towel Dried
Dust Dash
Wipe Door Jams



5-Star Special


Inside Vacuumed
Windows Cleaned
Towel Dried
Dust Dash
Wipe Door Jams
Crystal Polymer Conditioner
Under Chassis Flush

Baltus Special


Inside Vacuumed
Windows Cleaned
Towel Dried
Dust Dash
Wipe Door Jams
Triple Shine
Tire Armor All
Under Chassis Flush

Air Freshener Choices:

  • Check Mark April Fresh
  • Check Mark Baby Powder
  • Check Mark Cherry
  • Check Mark Cinnamon-Spice
  • Check Mark Clean Car
  • Check Mark Island Breeze
  • Check Mark Asmin
  • Check Mark Leather
  • Check Mark Lemon
  • Check Mark Mulberry
  • Check Mark Nucar
  • Check Mark Pine
  • Check Mark Pina Colada
  • Check Mark Vanilla


Hand Wax


A paint and clear coat sealant is applied which contains polymers and silicone resins for maximum detergent and weather resistance.

High Tech Steam Cleaning
(seats only)


Seats only
Car wash not included


High Tech Steam Cleaning
(carpets only)


Carpets only
Car wash not included


Engine Cleaning


Not available for all vehicles

Trunk Cleaning


Ultra Shine Protectant


Interior (car) $2195

Interior (van) $2395

Complete (car) $2495

Complete (van) $2495
This provides a brilliant, lasting shield of protection against sun bleaching, weather dulling and salt damage for your vehicle's interior and exterior leather, vinyl and rubber.



Add $10.00 for all vans and full-size sport utility vehicles. Special conditions may require additional charges.

Underbody Rust Inhibitor

Because road salt and environmental elements “eat” cars, we apply a rust inhibitor with advanced corrosion resistance to the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Soft Cloth

The cloth that touches your car is soft, safe and gentle and helps give your vehicle extra shines!

Six Winter Washing Tips!

  1. Wash When Your Car Is Warm Inside
  2. Hands off Emergency Brake… For A Few Hours
  3. Work Doors & Locks after Parking
  4. Use Lock De-Icer on All Locks
  5. Leave Doors on 1st Latch for A Few Minutes with Heat on High
  6. Road Salt Eats Cars
    (Consider A wash with Full Vehicle Protection, Paint, Clear Coat, & Underbody Treatments)

Baltus Car Wash

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